* 3. How do you prefer to receive highway project information? Please rank in order of importance.

* 4. Please rank the following information items based on importance:

* 5. What is your preferred display of project information?

* 6. What types of projects interest you? Please rank in order of importance.

* 7. SHA manages projects in various stages of development. Please list your interest level in each phase:

  Not Interested Somewhat Uninterested Neutral (depends on project) Somewhat Interested Very Interested
Long range projects not yet funded
Projects under study / environmental review
Project being designed
Projects currently being constructed

* 8. Select the sources used for real-time traffic information, and rank your perspective on effectiveness with 1=poor and 5=excellent

  Poor Fair Average Good Excellent
TV traffic reports before I leave home
Radio traffic reports
Paid or Free phone app traffic services (Waze, etc.)
MD511 (personalized travel service)

* 9. What mode of transportation do you use most often for travel? Please rank in order of use.

* 10. Please share additional information that will be useful to SHA:

* 11. In what ZIP code is your primary residence located? (enter 5-digit ZIP code; for example, 00544 or 94305)

* 12. Which range best describes your age?