Some people have told us the wording in the WCCLS catalog is confusing. While we cannot change most of the wording, there are some things we can change.

Will you please take a few minutes of your time to help us make our catalog better? Please give us your opinions by answering the 3 short questions below.

Thanks so much!

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1. As the catalog is now, when you have found an item, you will see 3 buttons at the bottom of the short record. The first button says "Availability." If you click on that you will see which WCCLS libraries have copies, what the call number is, what the status is, when it was checked out, and what type of material it is.

We can change the wording of "Availability." If we do change the label on the button, which of the following options seems best?

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2. The second button says, "Full Display," and if you click on it you will find a more detailed description of the item, but not the call number. Which of the following 3 choices do you prefer for the wording of that button?

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3. The third button takes you to a page that allows you to have the item delivered to your choice of WCCLS libraries when it becomes available. The wording is "Place Request." What do you think it should say?