* 1. Do you agree with this statement?

By supporting the CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (AB241), you are recognizing the generations of work that has gone unnoticed. Improved working conditions are human rights we can all stand behind. AB241 balances the needs of all workers to rest with the need to ensure that care is available when needed. For example, it would include CA Domestic Workers in basic labor protections such as overtime pay and meal and rest breaks.

I will participate by committing to any of the following:
-wearing the color lilac on Thursdays
-receive a weekly email announcing the upcoming THURSDAY DAY OF ACTION
-calling a local legislator
-sending emails to family and friends
-"Liking" the Domestic Workers Bill Facebook Page
-posting support online via social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
-financial contributions
-or other actions suggested by the CA Domestic Workers Campaign.

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