1. Welcome to our 2015 Client Questionnaire


As you are working your way through the questionnaire, there will be additional information that you will need to supply to us after you have completed and transmitted the questionnaire. A copy of the questionnaire will be emailed back to you once we have received and uploaded it to our system. At the end of the questionnaire you will be asked how you would like to send this information in - either by post/courier, email or a face to face meeting.

You are able to move both forward and backwards in the questionnaire, but once you have completed the questionnaire and pressed the "Done" button you are no longer able to access it. You may exit the questionnaire part way through and then go back and resume the questionnaire, but only if you have "Cookies enabled" on your computer.

Your time and effort in completing this form is much appreciated by the team at JACAL. Please note however that we are unable to commence work on your assignment until we have received the questionnaire and any supporting documents back in our office.

Johnston Associates Chartered Accountants Limited (JACAL)
7% of survey complete.