* 1. When is the last time you attended an ATD (American Truck Dealers) Convention & Expo?

* 2. Compared to other trade shows how would you rate the quality ATD Convention & Expo?

* 3. What other trade shows do you attend/plan to attend? Select all that apply.

* 4. What would be your top reason for attending the ATD Convention & Expo?

* 5. What criteria do you use in determining which shows or conventions are of the greatest value to your dealership?

* 6. If you attended the ATD convention since it has been held concurrently with the NADA convention answer the following questions in regards to the expo:

  Strongly agree Agree Neither Agree or Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree
Keep the ATD Expo located within the NADA Expo Hall with the current hours?
Hold the ATD Expo in a separate location near the ATD General Sessions with limited exclusive hours?

* 7. What education topics would you like to hear about? (select all the apply)

* 8. Which products or services would you like to see on the Expo floor? (select all that apply)

* 9. What topics or speakers would you like to hear about at the General Session Luncheons?

* 10. What suggestions do you have to improve the ATD Convention & Expo?

* 11. Do you plan on attending the 2018 ATD Convention and Expo in Las Vegas (March 22-25)?

* 12. If you would like to be entered to win complimentary registration and housing for the 2017 ATD Convention and Expo in Las Vegas, March 22-25, 2017- please leave your email address below.