* 1. Which browser are you using?

Privacyfix only works with the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. This is because only those browsers include functionality that Privacyfix needs to check your privacy settings.

Here's where you can update your browser:



Internet Explorer:

NOTE: That even if you don't use one of these browsers as your regular browser, you can check and set your social network settings on another browser and they will also apply to other browsers that you use.

* 2. Do you have any other browser extensions or addons installed?

The number one cause of performance issues with Privacyfix is the interaction with other privacy addons, which in many cases are providing redundant functions. You can disable those add-ons temporarily to run Privacyfix (so you can manage your Facebook, Google and website privacy).

Go to your browser settings or preferences to see the list of add-ons you have installed.

NOTE: We do not recommend that you use more than one browser addon to block tracking, because it will degrade performance of your browser. If you already have a blocking extension installed, you can choose not to enable blocking through Privacyfix.

* 3. Did Privacyfix interfere with something you tried to view or do?

Social widgets can be pretty deeply embedded into sites, which means sometimes Privacyfix fights with content when you have social widgets blocked.

The easiest way to overcome this is to "whitelist" the site so that blocking is turned off when you are on that site (but stays on everywhere else). Here's how to do this:

Chrome and Firefox: Click on the Privacyfix icon, which is either 15 little orange and green dots, or the "Fix" logo. Click the button that says "Allow social widgets" to whitelist the site.

If that doesn't work, go back through the Privacyfix setup again and turn of social widget blocking completely on the Facebook and Google tabs.

Internet Explorer: Click on the blue circle-slash icon in your URL bar when on the page with interference. This will show you how to lift tracking protection when on that site.

If Privacyfix is interfering with just parts of games, like tokens and community features, that may be because these services are operated by ad trackers. Go back through the Privacyfix setup and turn off the ad-tracking blocker.

To run setup, go to privacyfix.com

* 4. Did Privacyfix start the settings process but not complete it after more than a minute?

As the Privacyfix user base grows, we sometimes have trouble keeping up with the server load, which slows down your experience (sorry!). If Privacyfix doesn't complete after about a minute, try it again a while later.

* 5. Did the data removal email request fail?

The only completely private way for Privacyfix to create a removal-request email for you is to use your operating system's default email client. If this is set to a client email you haven't set up (like Outlook Express) the process fails. For best results, set your default email client to a web-based service. For example, here are instructions for how to do this with Gmail:


We're working on allowing you to cut and paste the email list into your own email client.

* 6. Did Privacyfix fail to recognize that you were logged into Facebook, LinkedIn or Google?

If Privacyfix fails to show you as logged in for just one of your Facebook settings, this probably means the setting is not available in your region or for your account, or Facebook may be testing different pages or settings. We suggest that you complete your Privacyfix session and try again later.

If you manage pages or apps on Facebook, or also use a corporate Google account, before you run Privacyfix be sure that you logged in to those services through your personal username. Privacyfix will not show you as logged in when you are in page management mode.

Also, Privacyfix does not properly recognize logins if you run it in "Incognito" or "Private Browsing" mode. You must run it in normal browsing mode to use Privacyfix.

* 7. Are you having trouble reaching your Privacyfix Dashboard?

Your Privacyfix dashboard should open immediately after you install Privacyfix. If it doesn't open, just go here:


You can always reach your dashboard by clicking on the Privacyfix browser icon from any webpage. If you are using the Privacyfix Healthbar, click on the Privacyfix logo and settings icon to open your dashboard. You can always bookmark Privacyfix, and if you visit the site with the extension installed, you will see your dashboard.

* 8. Did you experience any other problems in using Privacyfix?

* 9. If you want us to update you when this issue is fixed, please submit your email address. It will not be used for any other purpose.

* 10. Do you want to uninstall Privacyfix?

To uninstall Privacyfix:

Internet Explorer 9 or 10
Click the TOOLS button, point to SAFETY, and then click TRACKING PROTECTION
Find and click on the PRIVACYCHOICE list and either click REMOVE (to remove it completely) or DISABLE (to disable it temporarily)

Click the FIREFOX button (upper left corner) and select ADD-ONS
Find the add-on you want to uninstall on the EXTENSIONS list
Click REMOVE (to remove completely) or DISABLE (to disable temporarily)
Restart your browser if necessary to complete the change

Click the MENU icon (upper right) and select TOOLS then select EXTENSIONS
Find Privacyfix on the list
Click REMOVE (to remove completely) or DISABLE (to disable temporarily)

* 11. How satisfied are you with this troubleshooting?

Thanks for trying Privacyfix. We're working hard to give you a great experience, and appreciate your patience!