Nominations for Annual Awards to be Presented at the Banquet on April.28.

For each award you may nominate up to two people per award. Please give a brief explanation as to why you wish to nominate each person. Nominations must be done by Wednesday, April 18th. Each nomination will be considered by an official MBA selection committee.

* 1. Suggestions for Sportsmanship Awards. There is one Male and one Female award given out. Recipients of this award are people who stand out with regards to behavior both on and off the court.

* 2. Nominations for Outstanding Achievement award. One person is the recipient of this award.

* 3. Nominations for one recipient for the Connie Blamey Distinguished Contribution Award. The person has shown great willingness to help out the badminton community and has put in great amounts of effort to support the sport of badminton.

* 4. Suggestions for the Archie Chawla Coaching Achievement Award. This recipient will have shown many times their dedication to the sport of badminton through their coaching achievements.