This is an instructional tool, not a “test.”  We hope that you will enjoy the process, learn more about the Standards, and satisfy your continuing education needs.  We also hope this quiz will give us more information about how mediators understand this important topic.  Read the questions carefully and select the most appropriate answer. (All questions are True/False.) After answering the question and clicking on "Next" you'll be taken to an answer page that includes a brief quote from the relevant section of the OMA standards and an indication of whether you answered the previous question correctly or not. We recommend you take the time to consider the answers.

Court connected mediators - continuing education rules: This quiz process qualifies for credit under the Oregon Judicial Department Court-Connected Mediator Qualifications Rules.  Under these rules: "An approved general civil mediator must complete 12 hours of continuing education requirements every two calendar years, including one hour relating to mediator ethics, and one hour relating to confidentiality. An approved domestic relations custody and parenting mediator or domestic relations financial mediator must complete 24 hours of continuing education every two calendar years, including two hours relating to mediator ethics, and two hours relating to confidentiality."   For more information see