The Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario is launching part 2 of the Minding Our Bodies project: “Eating Well for Mental Health.” Our goal is to increase the capacity of mental health service providers to deliver healthy eating programs for people with mental illness in their local communities.

“Eating Well for Mental Health” is funded by the Ministry of Health Promotion. Our project partners include the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario, Nutrition Resource Centre (Ontario Public Health Association), YMCA Ontario, and York University’s Faculty of Health.

The following survey will help us identify the requirements and challenges faced by mental health service providers when starting or sustaining a healthy eating program.

Healthy eating programs take many forms — they may provide information, resources or activities about:
• food groups, portion sizes, vitamin and mineral supplements
• menu planning, shopping, food budgeting and cooking skills
• healthy weight management
• self reflection about eating habits
• activities that increase access to food, such as community kitchens, community gardens, food vouchers and transportation to farmers’ markets and pick-your-own farms
• etc.

Please note that all survey results will be aggregated and any information gathered will not be linked with your organization.