1. NCCT needs you!

Have you ever wanted to help decide what questions should be on a certification exam?

If you are a Medical Office Assistant (MOA) or an instructor or employer of Medical Office Assistants, you can help us update the MOA job analysis. This helps us know what types of questions should be included on the test. Please keep in mind that the Medical Office Assistant (MOA) is NOT the same as the Medical Assistant. The Medical Office Assistant role is considered a primary 'front office' role.

There are only 2 pages to this survey:
Page 1 = Info about the Medical Office Assistant role
Page 2 = Info about your background (to make sure we hear from a wide mix of people)

It will take less than 3 minutes to complete. To decide how important each task is, think about how OFTEN you do it and how SIGNIFICANT it is to the job.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

* 1. How important is it that a Medical Office Assistant...

  Very Important Important Somewhat Important Not Important
Dress professionally?
Behave professionally?
Communicate effectively (verbally) with patients?
Communicate effectively (verbally) with families?
Communicate effectively (verbally) with coworkers?
Communicate effectively in written format?
Compose business letters?
Use word processing software on a PC?
Understand use and limitations of a FAX?
Use proper business telephone etiquette?
Understand laws related to photocopying?
Understand laws related to confidentiality (including HIPAA)?
Take and document messages?
Record information for official paper medical records?
Record information for official electronic medical records?
Schedule appointments on paper?
Schedule appointments electronically?
File hard copy (paper) medical records?
File medical records electronically?
Perform inventory of office supplies?
Perform basic bookkeeping tasks?
Bill customers for services?
Collect payment from customers?
Perform basic banking functions?
Order supplies?
Purchase (process payment for) supplies?
Process payroll?
Prepare and reconcile statements?
Make credit arrangements for patient payments?
Open and close the office?
Maintain the office reception area?
Work with HMO, PPO, PPS & other types of medical insurance providers?
Handle physician referrals and pre-certifications?
Handle Medicare billing?
Handle Medicaid billing?
Handle Tricare billing?
Handle BCBS Basics billing?
Handle Workmen's Compensation claims?
File insurance claims?
Perform basic procedure coding (CPT)?
Make sure that insurance claims & billing meet OIG standards (no fraud or abuse)?
Take patient medical histories (verbally)?
Take patient vital signs?
Perform basic patient charting?
Prepare patient & room for office exams?
Handle office emergencies (within your scope of practice)?
Practice safety in the workplace?
Practice asepsis?
Practice proper handling & disposal of biohazardous waste?
Use general medical terminology?
Use general medical abbreviations appropriately?
Use pharmacy terminology?
Use pharmacy abbreviations appropriately?
Follow all laws in maintaining patient medical records?
Use knowledge of human anatomy & physiology in record keeping?