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The Queensland Collective for Inclusive Education is making a submission to the Disability Royal Commission (DRC). The QCIE submission will focus on many themes relating to the Queensland education system.
We need your help please to strengthen our submission with your input. If you would prefer to email us directly, please do via

Please answer the questions from the perspective of the person (adult or child) with disabilities.

The experiences of children with disability currently in the education system continue to reflect the stories which adults with disability describe from their school years.

QCIE is interested in hearing from you about:

  • Your school experience, including specific incidents of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation;
  • The impact this has, and continues to have, on your wellbeing and life;
  • If you felt your school acted to keep you safe and what you feel should have been done to support you.
  • What you feel needs to happen to ensure a child’s right to an inclusive education is respected and realised.
The Department of Social Services, on behalf of the Disability Royal Commission, has launched a national, free counselling and referral service delivered by the Blue Knot Foundation.  The counselling and referral service is available for people with disability, their families and carers, and anyone affected by the Disability Royal Commission.

Call the National Counselling and Referral Service on 1800 421 468 or 02 6146 1468 or check out DRC Support Services information

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* 1. Who are you?

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* 2. What type of Queensland school did you attend for the majority of your education? (select those applicable to you)

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* 3. Please select the statements that apply to your experience of school. (select all those that are relevant)

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* 4. Please select the statements that apply to your experience of school. (select all those that are relevant)

Restraint involves “any practice or intervention that has the effect of restricting the rights or freedom of movement of a person with disability.” this can include physical, mechanical, or chemical restraint. it can also include psycho-social restraint, which involves using intimidation or threats to control a person

Seclusion involves “solitary confinement of a person in a room or area from which their exits prevented by barrier or another person. Seclusion includes situations in which people believe they cannot or should not leave an area without permission

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* 5. Please select the statements that apply to your experience of the complaints process at school. (select all those that are relevant)

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* 6. How much of an impact do you feel your school experience has had on your life?

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* 7. Please share any other comments you have below and/or any suggestions you have for the education of students with disabilities in Queensland: