Thank you for participating in this brief survey for Davis Schools Foundation

Your responses will help us better understand what knowledge local residents have about the Davis Schools Foundation (DSF) in relation to the Davis Joint Unified School district (DJUSD). Your answers will be completely anonymous unless you choose to share your contact information to allow us to follow-up with you for future studies or conversations. If you are willing to be contacted for possible future participation but do not want to share your email address, please email - Thank you!

* 1. I am the parent of (check all that apply):

* 2. What is your overall opinion of the Davis public schools?

* 3. How familiar are you with the role of Davis Schools Foundation?

* 4. How did you first hear of the Davis Schools Foundation?

* 5. What do you think Davis Schools Foundation does?

* 6. Do you donate to a Davis school (DJUSD) PTA/PTO

* 7. When was the last time you donated to Davis Schools Foundation?

* 8. If a current or former parent of a DJUSD student, has your child benefited from any Davis Schools Foundation-funded activities?

* 9. Which of the following organizations have you contributed to in support of children/youth programs (please check all that apply)?

* 10. If you might be willing to consider being a part of a focus group or other feedback session to help Davis Schools Foundation, please provide your email address or phone (your preferred contact method) for possible future contact: