As A Decision Maker, Would You Use Solar Energy For Cutting Costs?

Solar Energy is a most reliable source of power. As it is certain that the Sun Will Rise next morning! There are more questions than answers to actual use of solar power for power consumers. Making decision to implement Solar Power needs to address many concerns. JUST CHECK as a DECISION MAKER what you would do!

* 1. My Personal Profile

* 2. Type of Premises

* 3. My annual electricity cost is (Percentage of Total Cost)

* 4. My Electricity Expenses per year is

* 5. I will install solar power if it saves (Percentage of total cost)

* 6. I will invest in solar power if return on investment is (ROI) (after tax) 

* 7. Before I install Solar Power, I would like to be sure about

* 8. Would you participate in One day Workshop and Be confident to install solar power?

* 9. Workshop Center of My Choice

* 10. My Personal Details