SRTA President Performance Review Questionnaire

Please take a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire on the following pages. It is intended to help the President see how well they are doing. The purpose of this exercise is to help you think of the many important roles of a President, and by extension, all members of a Local executive. For each of the questions, select one option. If you are not sure of the answer, please choose “Not Sure”.

Question Title

* 1. Communication

  Always Usually Sometimes Never Not Sure
Does the President encourage members to share their personal troubles and then listen sympathetically to them?
Is the President prepared to explain Local policies and activities to different members, however many times they have to repeat themselves?
Does the President find out and give information as soon as members request it?
Is the President cordial with members, respecting their points of view even if they disagree?
Does the President say hello to members calling them by name, as cheerfully as he/she is able to?
Does the President get across things that are important to the Local, even when members don't see it that way?
When talking with a member, does the President bear in mind the member's outlook and interests?
Does the President talk in words members can understand?
Does the President keep the membership informed?
Is the President a good listener?
Does the President make an effort to talk to members who show little interest in the Local?
Does the President ask questions to find out the needs, ideas and opinions of members?
Does the President change their opinions and admit their mistakes when they are proven wrong?
Does the President make an effort to have regular talks with "key members" and trusted activists?
Does the President try to get members to understand him/her and find out how members like his/her ideas? 
Does the President ask members for assistance in doing his/her job as a President?