Katikati Youth Survey:  for young people aged 11-20yrs

The MPOWA group are interested in understanding what the needs are of the young people in the Katikati community. The series of questions in this survey will help them to understand the youth community and provide ideas for the future. 

We want to know exactly what you are thinking so, it's fantastic that you are giving this survey a go!
There are many people who are taking this survey- some of these include: 
Intermediate school students 
Secondary school students 
Those who attend an alternative education programmes 
Those who are apart of sport &/or recreation group 
Church and other youth groups 

You will need about 15 minutes to answer the questions.

The information you provide will remain confidential and will be collated into a report that will be given to the MPOWA group.

* 2. Gender?

* 3. Where do you live?

* 4. Which ethnic group or groups do you belong to? 

* 5. What do you do during the day? 

* 6. Do you plan on living in Katikati for the next 5years?

* 7. What do you usually do with your spare time?

* 8. What activities or services would you like to see available for youth in Katikati?

* 9. These are the services that are currently available for young people in Katikati, please tick the ones you know about.

* 10. In the last year please select the services which you have used.

* 11. For the services you didn't use in the last year, why not?

* 12. If you wanted to seek help/support, what would encourage you to go?

* 13. Thinking about what could be provided for you as a young person in Katikati, what do you need?

* 14. When thinking about a “place” for young people, what is important? Please tick as many as you like

* 15. Katikati is a safe place for young people

* 16. Name a place(s) that you feel are safe for young people to hang out in Katikati.

* 17. What do you think about the idea of Katikati having a youth centre?

* 18. Do you think there is a need for this?

* 19. If a centre was set up, would you use it?

* 20. Why would you not use it?

* 21. What sort of services do you think could be provided for you or your friends?

* 22. Which of the following reasons would encourage you to use the services offered by a youth centre?

* 23. How could young people be best be involved with how a youth centre should be?

* 24. What is the best way to let other young people know about the centre?

* 25. What three things do you like most about the community you live in?

* 26. What are the three biggest issues facing young people in the community you live in?

* 27. If you were the Mayor, what would you change or improve to make the community you live in better for young people?

* 28. What advice would you give about setting up a service for young people?

* 29. If you would like to be involved in discussing this further and helping to provide input into the development of something for young people in Katikati, please enter your contact details below. 

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