Voting Process and Eligibility

The PCPI Executive Committee At- Large Organizational Full Voting Member seat is currently held by David Shahian, MD, who represents the Society of Thoracic Surgeons. Dr. Shahian will complete his first term in October 2013 and is eligible to seek nomination for a second, third year term.

The At-Large Organizational Full Voting Member will hold a term of three years, for up to two terms, with a maximum consecutive tenure of six years.


• have experience in evidence-based clinical practice guideline and/or performance measures development and/or
• have involvement in quality improvement initiatives, and/or
• have demonstrated leadership ability.

Voting Process:

The Executive Committee At-Large Organizational Full Voting Member representative is elected by PCPI full voting member organizations. Each full voting member organization is allowed to vote for one candidate only. The vote must be cast by the Primary Representative. If the Primary Representative is not able to vote, the Alternate Representative may vote.

The candidate receiving the highest number of votes by plurality shall assume the Executive Committee's At-Large Organizational Full Voting Member seat in October 2013.

You must submit your electronic vote by October 7, 2013

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