The Stop Underage Drinking/Drugs (SUDDS) Coalition is conducting a community survey to obtain the public opinion and knowledge on marijuana.  This survey is completely anonymous.  Responses to anonymous surveys cannot be traced back to the respondent.  Information collected will be used for educational purposes.  The questions below do not reflect the views of any entity that distributes this survey.

* 1. Age:

* 2. Zip code:

* 3. Gender:

* 4. Are you a registered voter?

* 5. Would you support the legalization of marijuana for RECREATIONAL use in your state?

* 6. If RECREATIONAL marijuana were legalized, what do you think would happen to the teen marijuana usage rate?  

* 7. Rate your formal (i.e. evidence based research, etc.) knowledge on the effects of marijuana use:

* 8. Choose which individual(s) you would feel comfortable with being under the influence of marijuana while on the job:

* 9. Would you consider marijuana:  (Please select one)

* 10. Would you consider marijuana:  (Please select one)

* 11. Is it safe to drive after using marijuana?

* 12. Do you think marijuana usage can lead to the use of other drugs (i.e. cocaine, heroin, etc.)?

* 13. Do you think the legalization of marijuana will reduce the illegal trade of the substance?

* 14. How do you consider marijuana use in comparison to alcohol consumption?  (Please select one)

* 15. Is there anything else that should have been asked in this survey?