By answering a few short questions, you can quickly learn whether it might be time to consider working with Digital West to manage some of your IT resources. Soon after you submit your responses, you'll get a brief message from Digital West with your results.

* 1. What is your business email address?

* 2. Do you have fully redundant systems in place in the event of a system failure or power outage, for example a backup power generator or a redundant network?

* 3. Is your server room climate controlled, adjusting for humidity, temperature and air quality?

* 4. Do you have the latest industry-standard tools and quality hardware (e.g., servers, network monitoring) in place to most effectively manage your business?

* 5. Does your data center/server room pass rigorous security measures, including the use of such protections as biometrics, video cameras, on-site personnel and/or SOC or PCI standards?

* 6. Do you have staff to monitor systems 24/7/365?

* 7. Can you get the hands on technical help from an actual live person from your current IT vendors as quickly as you would like?

* 8. Is your typical annual uptime 99.99% or greater or are you satisfied with the reliability of your current ISP?

* 9. Do you have the staff expertise to continuously evaluate your IT needs, design solutions, deploy new processes and/or isolate and repair problems should they occur?

* 10. Now, look at your responses to Questions 2 - 9. Please indicate how many times you responded "No" to a question. (Note:  Once you submit your survey, you will receive an email in about two hours with feedback regarding your responses.)