Marshall Road Elementary PTA Survey 2018

Please share your opinions with us so we can best serve the MRES community next school year. Thank you for your time!

* 1. Where did you get your PTA news during the 2017-2018 school year?

  All Most Some None
eNews emails
Tuesday folder flyers
MRES PTA website
MRES PTA Facebook page
Room parent emails

* 2. Do you feel like you knew when PTA events were happening and what PTA programs were available?

* 3. Did your family attend at least three PTA-sponsored events? (not including Dining-for-Dollars)

* 4. Which events did your family decide not to attend and why?

* 5. Did your child(ren) participate in at least one PTA-sponsored enrichment activity?

* 6. How many PTA membership meetings did you or someone in your household attend this year?

* 7. If you didn't attend, what prevented you from attending?

* 8. If you could dial into the PTA meetings via an online meeting service (for free), would you?

* 9. Did you or someone from your family volunteer for any PTA programs or events this year?

* 10. We'd love to know your opinions! Please share your thoughts on the following: