Declaration of Potential Conflicts of Interest - Online Form

All persons acting on behalf of Lung Foundation Australia (e.g. Board members, Consultative Group Committee members) are asked to lodge declarations of potential conflicts of interest on an annual basis. The Lung Foundation has published a statement on its website to the effect that declarations have been obtained from all Board and Committee members.

For those Committee members who are involved in the development of clinical guidelines, the Lung Foundation will publish any declared potential conflicts of interest on its website in order to ensure transparency of the development process.

The Lung Foundation has developed a Conflict of Interest policy and a copy is included within this online form for your reference. In general, conflicts of interest may apply to individuals either personally or to the department in which they work. It includes sponsorship, consultancy or other affiliations with the pharmaceutical, medical equipment or diagnostic industries. Sponsorship by these industries would not include payment of reasonable honoraria for giving lectures or the refund of reasonable costs connected with them.

Please complete this online form to cover the period from 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2016 at your earliest possible convenience.

Completed online declarations are required by all affected Board and committee members, even if no conflict exists. If there is a doubt that a conflict exists, one should err on the side of declaring this or discuss the matter in confidence with Ms Heather Allan, Lung Foundation Australia Chief Executive Officer. Any conflicts which arise during the year - after completing the annual declaration of potential conflicts of interest – should also be declared to the Chief Executive Officer.