North Country Council is surveying households and businesses to determine the feasibility of providing high-speed fiber internet connections to every interested home, business and institution in the Grafton County region. North Country Council has heard from towns in the region that we can't wait to figure out a solution to inadequate broadband in the region. This type of survey is a critical first step in the planning process of a new broadband internet network, and will be used to guide North Country Council's work in facilitating the creation of a network that better serves the regions needs.

High-speed fiber optic internet access provides speeds far superior to DSL, Cable, Fixed Wireless, and other types of internet.  Fiber broadband provides internet speeds that can allow residents and businesses better access to technology crucial to the economic success of the region, as well as telecommuting options, educational and informational resources, tele-healthcare services, and culture and entertainment options. Fiber is also future-proof, meaning it will remain technologically relevant and competitive for decades to come, supporting future technological advances, applications, and technology-based businesses. 

This survey is meant to establish a baseline of what speed and quality of internet service is available in the Grafton County region and where, and whether improved service would be desired by Grafton County residents. Understanding this information is a critical step in determining the feasibility of a fiber network in the area.

Your answers to this survey will be confidential.  Your survey responses will not be used for anything other than understanding the current state of broadband service in the region. Here are details about how we are going to use survey responses and protect your data:
  • We are going to use this survey data to determine what kind of internet service exists in Grafton County, and where.
  • We are asking questions to help us understand the quality of the service currently being offered
  • We are going to ask questions about how people use the internet and what they can and can not do to gauge the bandwidth needs of the community and to understand what the limits of the current infrastructure are
  • We will also ask questions about related services often bundled with internet - like TV and phone
  • We will ask questions that gauge the general interest and enthusiasm for new internet options - like broadband - in the community
  • We will also ask questions that let us understand the physical infrastructure in your area - for example, we will ask who your electric utility is because we need to know who owns and operates the utility poles on your road
  • Your address response will never be shared with anyone. (note: physical addresses are available at the town clerk’s office - so this is not fully concealed information, however, to understand what quality of service is available where, we need you to provide your address in conjunction with responses.) 
  • We are not asking for any information that could be used to identify or contact you, such as your name, phone number, or email address
  • Your survey responses will never be used in an attempt to sell you anything or advertise to you. 
  • We will not share the raw data of this survey with anyone outside of the project team, which includes the North County Council.
If you have any questions about this survey or the project as a whole, please contact Michelle Moren-Grey at For more information about this project, visit

We recommend this survey be complete online here. However, if you would like to complete this survey in a paper form, you may do so. Completed