St. Ambrose School Advisory Board - Catholic Values Committee

• Our Mission: Saint Ambrose Parish School is a Catholic community where Jesus Christ is everything for us.
• Our Philosophy: We believe the primary purpose of St. Ambrose School is to provide parents with the means to assist them in their role as primary faith educators of their children.

One opportunity to inspire spiritual growth and help our children develop a close relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ is to attend Mass regularly with our families. On an average weekend, only about one in four families of St. Ambrose school children attend Mass. To understand this statistic, we would like to gather data on Mass attendance. Our hope is the outcome of honest feedback will assist in efforts to welcome home the families of our school children to the regular practice of our Catholic faith and foster a genuine relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

* 1. On average, how many times a month do you and your family attend Sunday Mass?

* 2. Do you typically attend mass at the same time each Sunday?

* 3. If you aren’t able to attend Mass weekly as a family, what are the challenges that prevent you from attending?

* 4. Do you have suggestions that would help you to attend mass regularly? Please share your thoughts.

* 5. Do you feel that your spiritual needs are met at our parish?

* 6. Do you feel there are opportunities for you and your family to spiritually learn and grow outside of regular mass at St. Ambrose?

* 7. Do you believe there are opportunities for you and your family to contribute/do what you do best at our parish?

Thank you for completing our survey.