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* 1. Which businesses feature in our Buy Local #supportlocal video?

[Hint: Watch the 'Buy Local' video found here.]

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* 2. For every $100 spent in Squamish’s small businesses, how many dollars go back into the local community?

[Hint: Read the 'Why Local' graphics on this page.]

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* 3. Where can you find info on auto businesses within Squamish?

[Hint: Check here!]

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* 4. Which app can help you find exclusive offers at Squamish businesses?

[Hint: Check the 'Continued Learning' options at the bottom of this page.]

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* 5. What colour are the BC Buy Local dots that identify Squamish businesses and products that help build our local economy?

[Hint: It's mentioned in the 'Buy Local' video clip you watched for Question #!]

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* 6. A 10% shift to buying local (from chain stores) can create how much money for our local economy?

[Hint: Read the 'Why Local' graphics on this page.]

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* 7. How can you support Buy Local - #shopsquamish

[Hint: Check out the 'How' graphic on this page.]

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* 8. Reward Bonus:

Please provide your name and email address to enable us to issue your reward!

Successful completion of this assessment entitles you to an exclusive 'Squamish Champions' pin badge. It also takes you one step closer to eligibility for our grand #squamishchampions prize package upon program completion.

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