1. Introduction

Dear Stake President,

Greetings from Oakcrest Girl's Camp. If you have received a request to fill out this survey, your stake is currently one of the 90 stakes that attend Oakcrest.

As might be expected, with continued growth in this valley, Oakcrest has been at or near capacity for the past few years. In anticipation of needed pre-planning for this and coming years of camp, please take the short 6 question survey below.

Below you will find a short "commitment" survey related to your stake's plans to remain a participant of Oakcrest for this and coming years. Your responses will not be deemed as a final committment at this point but will greatly help in our planning.

With well wishes to you and your Oakcrest aged girls,

Oakcrest Priesthood Committee.

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* 1. Please list your Stake's full name here: