The Rising Stars Award recognizes an individual exhibiting significant contributions to the development and success of communities of innovation. Examples of significant contributions can include successes achieved on behalf of their employing entity and/or behalf of AURP or allied organizations.

Candidates must be directly employed by the primary entity responsible for management, development and operation of a research/science park and/or innovation district which is a Sustaining Member of AURP at the time of nomination. Candidates must be employed in a key management role (e.g. incubator manager, facilities director, finance manager, business development manager) and must be 40 years of age or less by the date of the Annual Awards presentation.

Nominations should be made by the eligible park/innovation district management and be received by Monday, August 31, 2020.

All of this year's AURP Award Winners will be honored at the AURP 2020 Digital International Conference.

Each item on the nomination form will be ranked by a point system.

Decisions of the Awards Committee are final, and all scores are confidential and undisclosed. The Awards Committee reserves the right to decide which awards will be given each year, and not all awards will be given every year.

So let's begin!

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* 1. Name of Nominated Rising Star Award Recipient

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* 2. Nominee's Home Park, City, State, Zip Code, Phone and Email address

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* 3. Web Address of Nominee's Park

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* 4. Nominated by:

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* 5. Please describe the nominee's contributions to the eligible park/innovation district and why they should be honored by AURP. Please limit your comments to 250 words.

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* 6. Please describe the nominees involvement with AURP or allied organizations (i.e. AUTM, InBIA). Please limit your words to 250.

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* 7. Please describe the increasing role, if appropriate, of the candidate within the nominating entity or organizations promoting the concept of communities of innovation. Please limit your words to 250.

Please provide any appropriate collateral media that demonstrate the achievements of this nominated individual. Up to 3 pages maximum will be permitted. These items must be submitted electronically in PDF format no later than Friday, June 12, 2020, to Vickie Palmer at VickiePalmer@aurp.net. Please be sure to have your email have a subject line of "Rising Star Award Nomination Materials".

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* 8. Any other comments you'd like to add?

Thank you so much for your submission. We will announce the winners at the 2020 Digital International Conference.
Please visit www.aurp.net to register!

See you there!