Welcome to the Survey

In the 2016-17 State Budget, the Government announced a commitment to implement Real-Time Prescription Monitoring (RTPM) in Victoria. This initiative will involve the roll out of a software system to over 1,900 medical clinics, 1,300 pharmacies and 200 hospitals throughout Victoria.

The system is a clinical decision tool that will allow prescribers and pharmacists to view the dispensing history for a patient, for certain high risk medicines, at the point of consultation.  This information will enable doctors and pharmacists to make more informed and safer clinical decisions prior to prescribing or dispensing.

Training will be provided to health practitioners to support the implementation of the system with a particular focus on primary care prescribers and community pharmacists.  Along with practical guidance on how to use the system, the training will build skills and understanding of best practice in prescribing and dispensing of high risk medicines and how to respond to the needs of patients who may be identified as misusing prescription medicines or receiving supplies beyond therapeutic need. 

The RTPM system will commence roll out in 2018 and the Western Victoria Primary Health Network, NPS Medicine Wise and partners are responsible for the training delivery on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services.

This survey will inform the design and development of the content of the training.  Your contribution is valued and will ensure that this initiative is a success.

All Victorian prescribers, pharmacists and other key organisational staff are invited to participate in this survey. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Health practitioners authorised to prescribe Schedule 8 and Schedule 4 medicines including, general practitioners
  • Practice managers
  • Nurse practitioners (working in primary care setting)
  • Private rheumatologists, pain medicine specialists, paediatricians  and psychiatrists
  • Community pharmacists (working in primary care setting)
  • Staff of prescribing and dispensing organisations – managers, dispensary technicians, other support staff.
We appreciate your time to complete the survey, it will take approximately 20 minutes.
This training survey will remain open until 31 October 2017.

8% of survey complete.