100% of survey complete.

* 1. Was the delivery of your device provided in a timely manner?

* 2. Were you given complete instructions on your device/care?

* 3. Were all your questions answered to your satisfaction?

* 4. Was the staff courteous, knowledgeable and professional?

* 5. Were you instructed on who/where to call with questions or problems?

* 6. Were you satisfied with your device/service?

* 7. Would you recommend Prosthetix Shop to others?

* 8. Were you given a copy of the patient Bill of Rights and the Agreement and Consent form? Were these documents explained to you?

* 9. Are you able to use your prosthesis on a regular basis?

* 10. Please share your comments or suggestions on how we might serve you better, as well as any feedback on how Prosthetix Shop has made a positive difference in your life.