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Welcome to the Utah Diabetes Telehealth Program! This pre-test will take just a few minutes to complete. Your responses are confidential and will help us improve these trainings. Your participation in this survey also allows us to provide you with a FREE certificate of your participation in this continuing education program, if requested. To receive your credits, please complete the pre-test prior to viewing the Telehealth program and the post-test at the completion of the program. For more information, visit http://health.utah.gov/diabetes/telehealth/telehealth.html

* 1. Identification number to match pre- and post-test results. Results will be kept confidential.

* 2. The following are indications for insulin pump therapy:

* 3. In a study examining continuation vs discontinuation of insulin pump therapy among patient's with type 1 diabetes, what percentage of patients discontinued the pump and reverted to MDI?

* 4. True or false: Today's insulin pumps are simple and straightforward and most patients can start themselves using the user's manual.

* 5. Which of the following statements is true

* 6. True or false: An HbA1c >10% is an absolute contraindication to insulin pump therapy