Every academic year, decisions are made at the Henry Barnard Laboratory School that directly impact you and your family. Though we carefully consider our options as we plan our school year and day, and make changes in our operations, we do so only with the somewhat limited input that arrives unsolicited from you, the families of HBS learners.

This year, we'd like to actively seek your input as we begin our process of planning for the 2013-2014 academic year calendar. This survey is a poll of preferences, and not an apparatus for a binding decision. To reach those, we have to consider finances, interface with city and state services like buses, and agreements with our employee unions, as well as the schedule and needs of the College.

Your input will arrive anonymously, and the survey instrument will provide us a summary of the percentage of choice for each options, and a listing of comments that everyone has made on the various items.

So I thank you in advance for your participation, and look forward to sharing your feedback with those who participate in the decision-making process.

Lou Lloyd-Zannini, Ph.D., Principal