We are pleased they you have visited the Admissions Office and now we asking for your help. Please take a few minutes to answer some questions about the service you received. Your suggestions and opinions are important to us. The responses will be evaluated and changes or improvements will be made in an effort to provide you with better services. Your responses will be kept completely confidential. Thanks for your participation!

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I was treated courteously by the staff.
The staff was attentive to my needs.
The staff was knowledgeable and able to answer my questions.
The assistance I received from this department was useful.
The office hours were convenient to meet my needs.
Overall, I am satisfied with the services I received.
I feel comfortable returning for additional services if I need them.
The admissions process was easy to understand.
The time spent waiting for service(s) was reasonable.

* 7. How did you learn of the service(s)?

* 8. What did you like best about the service you receiveed in our office?

* 9. What suggestions would you make to improve the quality of our services?

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