2018 Kunming Community Christmas Fair Application / 2018年昆明社区圣诞集市申请表

When: Friday 7 December - Saturday 8 December
Place: TCG Nordica, XiBa Road #101
Application Deadline: 30 October 2018
Cost: 300¥ per table + 5% of sales

Please submit at least two pictures of your products. There will be a penalty if your product is different from your application. Vendors are not allowed to resell items from Taobao or the supermarket. 

Each vendor will be given a table and space of 120 square centimeters

摊主:周五12月7日-周六12月8日 诺地卡




Question Title

* 1. How do you plan to participate in the Christma Fair?

Question Title

* 2. If you are applying to be a vendor, please describe what you plan to sell along with prices.
如果你申请成为一个供应商, 请描述你打算出售与价格。

Question Title

* 3. If you are applying to be a performer, please describe the performance you will give. 
如果你申请成为一名表演者, 请描述你将给予的表现。

Question Title

* 4. If you are applying as a charity to receive funds, please describe your charity and how the money will be used.
如果你是作为慈善机构申请接受资金, 请描述你的慈善机构和如何使用这些钱。

Question Title

* 5. If you are applying for the activities coordinator, please describe the activities.
如果您正在申请活动协调员, 请描述活动。

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* 6. How would you like to receive additional information about the event?

Question Title

* 7. If you are applying as a vendor, please email at least two pictures of the products you plan to sell.

如果您是作为供应商申请, 请电子邮件至少两张您计划出售的产品的图片。