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This anonymous survey is designed to learn about how families engage with the DC public school landscape. If you have current students in your household, you will be asked about each student's experience starting with the oldest student. If you are a current student in DC public schools' adult programs, please answer the first section regarding your own experience. If you do not have any current students in your household but are yourself an employee of a school in DC, please skip down to Question 6.

This survey is anonymous, however if you would like to share your email address at the end of the survey you will be entered into a raffle for three $50 Amazon gift cards.

The first set of questions will ask about your child's experience in school, or your own experience if you are a current student in DC schools' adult programs. If you have more than one child in your household, please answer regarding your oldest child who is a current student.

Question Title

* 2. This coming fall, in the 2022-2023 school year, what type of school will this student attend?

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* 4. How important was each of the following reasons when you chose the DC school where this student is enrolled for the fall?

  Not at all important Somewhat important Important Very important
Number of students in classes
Feeder patterns
Willingness of school to involve families in decisions
Academic performance of students (e.g. test scores, dropout rates)
Special facilities (e.g. gyms, theaters, training rooms, auditoriums)
Convenient location
Academic programs or curriculum focus (e.g. language immersion, STEM focus, adult education)
Activities or extracurricular options (including before- and after-school programs, sports, clubs)
Safety (including inside and outside of school)
Quality of teachers, principal, or other school staff
Supportive and student-centered learning environment
Student body characteristics
Quality or availability of special education (including services for students with disabilities)

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* 5. Looking back over the list, what was the most important reason why you chose this DC school?

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* 6. Do you have time to answer more questions about this student's current school?