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* 1. Are you able to find information easily using our website?

* 2. Do you regularly open our emails when you receive them?

* 3. If not, why?

* 4. Do our emails motivate you to look at the website?

* 5. What do you like most about our course?

* 6. What improvements would you like to see in the Course?

* 7. How often do you use the practice range?

* 8. If never, why not? If often, why?

* 9. Would you be more likely to use a full length driving range if one were available nearby?

* 10. Please rate our service in the following areas:

  Exceeds expectations Meets expectations Below expectations Problematic
Telephone response
ProShop counter service
Speed of play
Staff appearance
Information availability
Food quality
Portion size
Food service

* 11. Please enter any comments regarding Question 10:

* 12. How often do you play golf?

* 13. How often do you play other courses?

* 14. Regarding the frequency of our emails, are they?

* 15. Do you print coupons found on our website?

* 16. What type of merchandise do we not carry that you might purchase elsewhere?

* 17. What is the strongest motivating factor for you in purchasing golf merchandise?

* 18. If "Other", please describe: