This survey was created by Alderman Fioretti's office of the 2nd Ward. Fioretti and his staff, with the assistance of South Loop area community organizations, have been working with students from Columbia College Chicago to produce branding elements for the South Loop and Near South area and we would like your guidance and feedback, so we can be as accurate as possible with our initial messaging. Therefore, please take a few minutes to complete the following survey (and feel free to pass it along to your friends and neighbors.) We would also like to invite you to provide feedback after the initial pieces have been produced.

As you might be aware, a brand image is actually developed over time and with multiple elements -- our initial production of pole banners will not be enough -- and we will be looking to refine our messaging as we proceed with further community input. Thank you in advance for your help. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Before completeing this short survey, please review the designs by CLICKING HERE. These design concepts were presented by Columbia College students on April 23, 2012 at a PDNA open community meeting at Second Presbyterian Church. You can also review these desings on


* 1. Considering the community to be branded with street pole banners, should it reference:

* 2. Please choose the areas/districts/rows that you feel are components that should be included in the project:

* 3. Considering the following proposed tag lines, which is your favorite?

* 4. Which building in the Central Station area is most recognizable to you?

* 5. Which building in the Chinatown area is most recognizable to you?

* 6. Which building in the Dearborn Park area is most recognizable to you?

* 7. Which building in the Film Row area is most recognizable to you?

* 8. Which building in the Motor Row area is most recognizable to you?

* 9. Which building in the Museum Campus area is most recognizable to you?

* 10. Which building in the Prairie District area is most recognizable to you?

* 11. Which building in the Printer's Row area is most recognizable to you?

* 12. Which building in the Record Row area is most recognizable to you?

* 13. Any additional thoughts or comments on this project?

* 14. For future communication on this survey and other area happenings and /or community issues, please include name, address, and email.

Thank you for taking this survey. Stay tuned for more details on area branding.


Board of Directors
Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance