Relationship with Superintendent

Instructions: Evaluate the Board’s effectiveness by rating the Board on each criterion, using a number on a scale from 1 to 6.
The Key: 1-Poor, 2-Inadequate, 3-Adequate, 4-Good, 5-Excellent, 6- Unsure

* 1. Establishes written policies for the guidance of the Superintendent in the operation of the schools.

* 2. Provides the Superintendent with a clear statement of the expectation of performance and personal qualities against which he/she will be measured periodically.

* 3. Engenders confidence in the Superintendent by inviting communication from the Superintendent.

* 4. Reaches decisions only on the basis of study of all available background data and consideration of the recommendation of the Superintendent.

* 5. Requests information through the Superintendent’s Office and only from staff members with the knowledge of the Superintendent.

* 6. Provides a climate of mutual respect and trust offering commendation whenever earned and constructive criticism when necessary.

* 7. Matters tending to alienate either Board member or Superintendent are discussed immediately rather than being permitted to fester and deteriorate.

* 8. Provides opportunity and encouragement for professional growth of the Superintendent.

* 9. Provides time for the Superintendent to plan.

* 10. Takes the initiative in maintaining a professional salary for the Superintendent comparable with salaries paid for similar responsibility in and out of the profession.

* 11. Please provide any comments you may have related to "Relationship with the Superintendent":