1. Peer Tutor Center User Survey

Please help us evaluate our services. Some of you will have worked with multiple tutors; therefore, please evaluate your experience as a whole.

* 1. How often do you visit the Peer Tutor Center?

* 2. In which areas did you receive tutoring assistance?

* 3. Please evaluate your tutoring session(s):

  Yes No Not sure
Were you treated courteously by the coordinator and the tutor?
Was your tutor on time for the session?
Did you feel comfortable working with your tutor?
Did you feel the tutor was patient and listened carefully to you?

* 4. Please evaluate the tutoring process:

  Yes No Not sure
Did the tutor know enough about the subject(s) to help you?
Did the tutor encourage you to think for yourself rather than do the work for you?
Did the tutor attempt to explain things in a different way if you did not understand the first time?
Did you have a better understanding of the subject matter after working with the tutor?

* 5. Please evaluate the results of your tutoring session(s):

  Yes No Not sure
Do you feel that tutoring helped you do better in your class(es)?
Would you recommend the Tutor Center to others?
Will you use the Tutor Center again in the future?