Covid Hero

This award seeks to recognise the individual, team or organisation who has shone most brightly with their positivity, communication, support, actions, and initiative in the time of the pandemic

Entries will be judged on,

a) the positive impact made to the sector
b) the positive impact made to industry colleagues
c) the value contributed
d) the initiative and leadership demonstrated
e) evidence of the nominee’s adaption and resilience to the challenges

Nominations can be supported by sending a maximum of 3 single pages of sales data, testimony or images (PDF or JPEG ONLY please) to; quoting reference NMA2021(CHY)

The entry may be submitted on behalf of,

i. an individual
ii. a team
iii. an organisation

Question Title

* 1. About You

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* 2. Please enter here the name of the individual(s) or organisation nominated

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* 3. Please enter here the employer of the nominee

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* 5. If you are replacing an earlier nomination please quote the date earlier entry here

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* 6. Please summarise here the principle reasons for your nomination. (maximum 200 words)

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* 7. Please outline here how the nominee individual(s) or organisation has contributed to the well being or betterment of a team, organisation, or an individual through initiative, inspiration and innovation. (maximum 200 words)

You may send us up to 3 single page supporting documents to aid understanding (PDF or JPEG ONLY please).

Please e-mail the attachments to quoting

(1) NMA2021(CHY)
(2) the title submitted

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* 8. Will you be sending additional supporting documents?