2016 Novel Ecosystems Research Symposium

As part of the Ecology program’s Spring Seminar Series Novel Ecosystems: Evolution and Invasion, and in association with our keynote speaker visit, Dr. Richard Hobbs, we request your participation in: Novel Ecosystems Research Symposium: An Afternoon with Penn State Ecologists on Tuesday, April 12th. 

Our goal through this event is to build and foster the community of ecological research occurring across campus. In the face of a new epoch named for the human-driven changes occurring at a global scale, Ecologists must consider research within the context of novel changes moving forward through the Anthropocene. This symposium provides an opportunity to share our research under the over-arching theme of novel ecosystems.

We are assessing interest from the PSU community in participating in this event. Lightning talks would be given by postdoctoral and faculty members followed by panel discussions from 1-3:30pm. From 4-5pm, Dr. Richard Hobbs will present "Changing ecologies: finding ways to the future without losing the past". Conversation will continue with an evening of free food, drink, and mingling at a poster reception from 6-8pm.

No matter how small (microbial) or large (ecosystem science), if your work pertains to an aspect of an ecosystem that will be impacted by the rapid changes we're experiencing in the Anthropocence (climate change, etc), then your work is relevant to this minisymposium!

Please fill out the following poll regarding your interest in participating.

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* 1. Would you be interested in attending the lightning talks sessions from 1-3:30pm?

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* 3. Would you be interested in attending Dr. Richard Hobbs' talk from 4-5pm?

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* 4. Would you be interested in attending a post-talk poster reception from 6-8pm?

If you are interested in giving a talk or presenting a poster, please email psu.noveleco@gmail.com with your NAME, DEPARTMENT, POSITION (grad or postdoc/faculty), and a max 100 WORD ABSTRACT regarding the research you would be sharing.

Abstracts must be submitted by 5pm on Feb 29th.

If you would be willing to volunteer in setup and cleanup for the lightning talks or as a moderator during lightning talk sessions, please email psu.noveleco@gmail.com as well with your NAME, DEPARTMENT, and if you would prefer to SET UP or MODERATE.

Thank you for your participation!