What's Your Relationship To Your Hair?

Redheads Anonymous is a comedic web series about discovering "what it means to be a redhead," so we've got some questions to understand each redhead's unique relationship to his/her hair and how it figures into his/her identity. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

* 1. What does being a redhead mean to you (if anything)?

* 2. What's your favorite redhead archetype/stereotype?

* 3. What's your least favorite redhead misconception/stereotype?

* 4. Any specific anecdotes from your life that involve your hair?

* 5. How has your relationship to your hair changed over time (if at all)?

* 6. Want to be involved with, or kept in-the-know about, Redheads Anonymous? Give us your info, and we'll contact you! (Otherwise, just click 'Done'.)

* 7. If you put your contact info into question 6, how would you like to be involved?