We at ANSI are embarking on a redevelopment of ANSI.org to make it more welcoming and valuable to our community, and we’d like your input.

If you could please take a few minutes to answer the following questions, we'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!

* 1. What are your goals when you visit ANSI.org? Please list as many as you like.

* 2. Are you able to achieve all your goals when you visit ANSI.org? If not, please elaborate.

* 3. What is the most useful feature to you on ANSI.org?

* 4. What feature(s) do you wish were available on ANSI.org?

* 5. What do you DISLIKE about ANSI.org that we should change?

* 6. Any additional comments or suggestions about how ANSI.org could better meet your needs?