Join the National Campaign!

We are inviting you to join the national campaign on behalf of a collaborative movement of 100+ co-sponsoring organizations known as Connecting Credentials, supported by Lumina Foundation and Corporation for a Skilled Workforce. During the past year, more than 3,000 credentialing stakeholders from business, labor, education, credential issuers, and policy groups have engaged in meetings, webinars and on-line conversation to consider why improving credentialing is urgent to tackle now, to define what key issues must be tackled, and to develop recommendations for actions at all levels to make needed improvements. You can find the products from that work at

There are many ways to get involved. We invite you to fill out this brief survey to indicate your interest and bandwidth to engage in the movement!

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Co-sponsors are organizations that are committed to rethinking credentialing policy and practice, in collaboration with other stakeholders. Co-sponsors are listed at the website and in publications about this work, and are drawn upon for input and participation in work groups, presentations, webinars, papers, and blogs. The Connecting Credentials team reaches out to co-sponsors regularly to ensure their input is heard in framing issues, analysis and potential actions.

* 4. Do you know of other key related initiatives underway that we should add to our databse?