Steering Committee Qualifications & Expectations

About the Organization

Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) is a national network for early and mid-career philanthropy professionals. EPIP is comprised of 16 member-led chapters around the country, which are supported by four staff at the National office. Each chapter is led by a Steering Committee of 10-15 members (also known as Chapter Leaders) who host professional development and networking events in their region and build the field in the spirit of EPIP's mission and vision.

About the Chapter Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is an opportunity for emerging philanthropy professionals to have a more active leadership role in the sector, to expand their network, and to connect with other professionals for peer learning and support. While all Steering Committee members are involved in shaping the direction of EPIP Bay Area, they are elected to focus areas, including Executive, Communications, Finances, Membership, Partnerships, and Programs. To be considered for the Steering Committee, you should meet the following:

  • Experience in philanthropic sector
  • Commitment to EPIP values, mission, and vision (see 2017-2021 Strategic Plan)
  • Can dedicate an average 3-4 hours per month to chapter meetings, events, and responsibilities (time commitment can vary each month and depends on specific tasks and positions undertaken)
  • Organized self-starter eager to contribute and able to accomplish projects with little supervision
  • Skills and experience related to focus area, or interest in developing skills in focus area
  • Attendance at two in-person EPIP events within last two years (e.g. National Conference, chapter events, etc.)
  • Serve on Committee for at least 1 year
  • Become a dues-paying EPIP member (staff who work for an Institutional Member qualify); if this is a concern for you, please contact us at
  • Participate in monthly 1.5-hour meeting on a weekday evening (in-person attendance preferred, but if in Silicon Valley or out-of-town, call-in option available)
  • Attend as many chapter events as possible (how many events we plan depends on Committee capacity)
  • Plan at least 1 chapter event each year, and support at least 2 chapter events planned by other Committee members (i.e. logistical support, outreach, and attendance)
  • Serve as ambassadors for EPIP in your networks and the social sector
  • Recruit new members to chapter and Steering Committee to ensure chapter sustainability
  • Work independently and collaboratively outside of regularly scheduled meetings to complete tasks related to agreed-upon goals of the Committee
  • Respond to Committee emails ideally within 2 business days when response is requested
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