- Survey

An invitation to journalists and raw content contributors to weigh in on decentralized, collaborative, multimedia journalism.

* 1. What is your biggest concern as a freelancer?

* 2. Would you consider Bitcoin as a payment option?

* 3. How much of a final piece you edit together would be comprised of your own content?

* 4. What types of media are you strongest in providing on your own? Rate each in order of strength, highest number for strongest.

* 5. What types of media specializations are most important to you in considering collaboration with someone else?

  Not important at all Somewhat important Of medium importance Extremely important Of utmost importance
360 Video
Text / writing skills
Data Journalism
Interactive programming
Still photography
Sound recording
Sound editing

* 6. If you've been invited as a Beta tester for, how was your experience? What features are not there that you would like to see? What aspects did you enjoy or appreciate, and which aspects were the worst part of your experience?
(If you are not a Beta tester and would like an invitation, please provide your email address as the answer.)