* 1. TKW’s scheduled time in the field fit with your desired timing.

* 2. The timing/deadlines of required support and documentation list and preparation were appropriate.

* 3. Your TKW team had appropriate technical knowledge and skills related to the engagement.

* 4. Fees charged were in line with the value received.

* 5. Rate the quality of your relationship with:
(1 – Extremely dissatisfied 5 – Extremely satisfied)

  1 2 3 4 5
Senior Auditor
Staff Auditor(s)

* 6. Communication with the team during the engagement met your expectations.

* 7. The team was responsive to your questions and concerns during the engagement.

* 8. The team communicated emerging issues concerning your business during the engagement.

* 9. We provided information on additional services we offer that could potentially benefit your business.

* 10. Have you ever attended one of our Breakfast Seminars?