UWSOM Primary Care Week: 10/2 - 10/6

Speed Mentoring- Pick your topic of interest!

Who: UWSOM's Family Medicine Interest Group
What: We'd love to have YOU as one of our mentors!
When: Wednesday, October 4th (6PM - 7:30PM)
Where: UWSOM, room HSEB 101
Why: To introduce medical students to important topics within Family Practice!
We anticipate 6 tables with at least one (but hopefully more!) mentor(s) talking with a group of students for ~10 minutes before rotating groups. The event will last in total ~1.5 hrs and will include food and beverages. Dinner will be provided starting at 5:30PM.
**If you signed up but have not heard from us by 09/27, please e-mail springc1@uw.edu ***
1.Are you available to mentor UWSOM students at a speed mentoring event on the evening of Wednesday, October 4th?(Required.)
2.What e-mail is best to contact you?
3.Which of the following topics would most interest you, as a mentor? [Choose all that apply]
4.What is your current level of practice?
5.Other notes/comments?
6.Do you have any food restrictions we should be aware of?