Nomination:  Hometown Hero

On May 12 at 6pm, at Union High School, there will be a celebrity basketball game sponsored by Dreams for Kids featuring NFL players!  Half of the money raised will be donated to offset the cost of Union High School's Project Graduation for the class of 2017 and the upcoming years. On the night of graduation, many high school graduates often “party hop” in their efforts to celebrate with as many of their classmates as possible. Project Graduation provides a safe alternative to party hopping – it keeps all our graduates off the roads, prevents them from becoming an accident statistic and allows their parents to rest easy knowing their son or daughter is safely celebrating.
Throughout the basketball game, we will be honoring our "Hometown Heroes."  These "Hometown Heroes" are Union Township residents or employees who have gone above and beyond to make a positive impact on the community.  We need your votes!  If you know a "Hometown Hero," please nominate him/her by submitting his/her name and a brief explanation as to why this person should be honored during the event.
Dreams for Kids, Inc. is founded by former NFL-great, Lonnie Allgood. The program’s mission is to help build a child’s character by giving them the tools they need to believe in themselves and respect others. Through current and former professional athletes as mentors, the goal is for the child to understand the importance of education and inspire them to become great people in society; to reach their dreams in life.  For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

* 1. Who are you nominating for Union Township's Hometown Hero? Please add a short explanation for your choice.