Survey for KBonikowsky

I need your help! Would you be willing to take a few minutes to process your thoughts about Bible study? I am gathering information around what women think they are interested in studying, what they have studied in the past…or if they even want to study about God? Thank you.

* 1. What do you think about learning what the Bible has to say about the following topics? Rate the following based on your interests.

  Boring Mundane Indifferent Compelling Fascinating
Helping others – volunteering
Creation and Evolution
Characters in the Bible
Marriage or Dating
Family or Parenting
Friends or Loneliness
Other Religions
Guilt or Worry
The Role of Women
Person of God
Ancient History
The Teachings of Jesus

* 2. What is more important to you when deciding to attend a Bible study? 1 is least important and 5 is most important

* 3. How many Bible studies would you estimate you’ve attended in your life?

* 4. What makes a Bible study successful?

* 5. Is there any topic you’d love to see covered in a Bible study?

* 6. What is your ideal amount of time spent in doing homework for Bible Study?

* 7. Do you have any other thoughts regarding Women's Bible Studies?