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* 1. Name

* 2. IMC Number

* 3. Which Euromedic centre/s are you rating?

* 4. Where did you find our contact details?

* 5. Why do you refer to Euromedic?

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The use of the online scheduling tool to make an appointment saves time.
Appointments are available quickly
Reports are sent back in a timely manner
Clinics are situated in a convenient location for patients
Patients are covered by private health insurance
Special rates are available for medical card holders
Euromedic offers competitive prices for non-insured patients
The quality of the technology is good
Patients asked to be referred to Euromedic

* 6. Please rate our reporting turnaround times

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I am aware of the radiologists at Euromedic Ireland
I find it easy to contact our Referrer Liaison Office.
I am happy with the reporting turnaround times
Euromedic reports provide the right level of detail to make an accurate diagnosis
It is easy to contact Consultant Radiologists at Euromedic when it is necessary to do so

* 7. If you call Euromedic, do you:

* 8. What was your reason for contacting the radiologist/consultant?

* 9. How long do you usually have to wait for your patients' reports from Euromedic Ireland?

* 10. How do you currently receive your reports?

* 11. Do you wish to change the way you receive your reports?

* 12. Please provide comment (positive and negative if applicable) on Euromedic Ireland. Please include your experience of both the referral and the reporting process.

* 13. Please let us know of any additional services you would like to see provided at our centres.

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