1. how often do you read the donnelly news in the Morris paper

2. if you answered occasionally or never why?

3. if you do not read it every week are there any changes to the column that would lead you to do so?

4. would you like to see more "neighborhood" news in the column

example John and Mary doe visited Jack and June smith)

5. what if anything would you like to see less of in donnelly news

6. how do you read the donnelly news?

7. How would you rate the columnists job in writing the donnelly news?
feel free to add comments in the other box

8. where do you live

9. do you know how to get news to the columnist ?

10. the column is easy to read and understand
1 strongly disagree 2 disagree 3 neither agree of disagree 4 agree 5 strongly disagree

  strongly agree agree neither agree or disagree disagree strongly disagree N/A
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