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* 1. How long have you and your fiancee been together?

* 2. Do you know how to spell fiancee?

* 3. How did you lovebirds meet?

* 4. Tell us the whole mushy story about how he or she proposed:

* 5. Do you consider yourself a free spirit? Explain why or why not.

* 6. What inspires you?

* 7. Pretend for just a moment that you won this contest, and we are allowing you to pick only one aspect of the wedding to have control of. What would that be?

* 8. In your mind, what are the three most important aspects of a wedding?

* 9. Do you have a Myspace or a Facebook? If so, please attach the link. We'd like to make sure we haven't seen you on Cops.

* 10. If you were to get a tattoo for your wedding, what would it be?

* 11. Why should we give you a free wedding?

* 12. If there is anything else you think that we should know, or if you'd like to use this space to mercilessly sell yourself to us, then go ahead:

* 13. Last but not least...

If you are chosen as the winner of TheWedding give-away, you and your fiancée must commit to getting married on May 31, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. You must be willing to limit your guest list to fifty attendees, and subject all wedding plans including but not limited to styling, photography, and location to The Wedding vendors and professionals. You must also be willing to have your wedding photos used for editorial and advertising purposes.